The Dream House: The Complete Guide and Resource (Digital)

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Our comprehensive workbook-format resource features: an extensive introduction to the novel and its author; detailed summaries of every chapter; rich literary analyses; chapter-specific short questions and stimulating enrichment tasks with rubrics; together with an extensive examination-focused essay section that includes guidelines, annotated examples and 20 challenging essay questions.

Please note that model answers to the questions posed throughout our resources are available on a companion Suggested Answers CD. The CD is sold separately and will need to be added to your order as well. You can locate the relevant Suggested Answers CD for this resource in the list of Related Products below, by visiting the main Products page or by using the Site Search function. The Suggested Answers are available in both physical (CD) and digital format. Students/parents do not need to buy the Suggested Answers to resources that have been placed on the official book lists at schools. Teachers using our resources in the classroom will provide students with the Suggested Answers as necessary.

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