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A fantastic treat

“It is a fantastic treat to have access to material that is so well-researched and comprehensive.”

~ Terry Holland, Veritas College

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The Complete Life Orientation Resource
Guide and Resource for Grades 10-12

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What’s so special about this resource?
This innovative, exciting new resource is designed to be used by students over three years, from Grade 10 through to Grade 12, and approaches the syllabus in a fresh, relevant, appropriate and inspiring manner.

Generic resources can fall short of the specific standards and needs of discerning students and, as a result, this invaluable subject fails to challenge, inspire and equip learners with the skills and abilities needed to live meaningfully and to succeed in our rapidly-changing, globalised society.

This bumper, comprehensive resource addresses such shortcomings by tackling the syllabus in a fresh, dynamic way that bright young adults will find provocative, demanding and thoroughly absorbing.

Like the Life Orientation syllabus it covers, this resource is wide-ranging and extensive, consisting of 131 tasks. It has been designed to arm teachers with a wide assortment of materials so that they can teach in a rigorous, yet flexible manner that suits their specific needs and timetables.

Issues are explored using the very latest research, ideas and thinking, combined with a diverse range of stimulating tasks, exercises and assessment tools, including quizzes, presentations, debates, comprehensions, essays and transactional writing and visual literacy tasks.

Benefits of this bumper resource include:

  • Specifically designed for curious, bright, young South Africans
  • Great value: 131 tasks and designed to be used over 3 years
  • Approaches the syllabus in a relevant and inspiring manner
  • Packed with 131 wide-ranging exercises and priming materials (including quizzes, presentations, debates, comprehensions, essays and transactional writing and visual literacy tasks)
  • Sparks debate, encourages personal growth and enrichment
  • Companion CD with suggested answers and rubrics*

* CD sold separately

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